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Growth of the Hemp Industry during the Pandemic

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has become the first disease outbreak happening since the ‘swine flu’ to be formally classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a pandemic and has resulted in various countries taking internment measures to limit the effect of the virus.

With the continued spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic, several businesses can bear response, recovery, and renewal phases. Building business resilience and facultative gracefulness will aid organizations to maneuver forward in their journey out of the COVID-19 crisis towards the next normal.

In this Blog, here’s everything you wish to understand concerning how COVID-19 may possess special challenges for everybody, particularly wider impacts of the pandemic are currently being felt on native businesses, education systems, and major public events around the world — and therefore the hemp industry is no exception.

The market overview of the Cannabis Industry and the consumers

Pandemic is impacting society and therefore the overall economy across the globe. The corona crisis is creating uncertainty within the stock exchange, massive slowing of the supply chain, falling business confidence, and increasing panic among the consumers. Customers still pay cash on little personal indulgences because of economic uncertainty or personal times of struggle, with self-isolation and a social distancing measure which means that longer is spent inside. Recreational use of cannabis may well consider the cannabis merchandise to be an ideal indulgence throughout these times.

In different countries, cannabis is already underneath their legal problems. But for some, it belongs as a health and wellness community, where the cannabinoid is touted as an efficient treatment for anxiety, chronic pain, and alternative common medical conditions. Research in progress investigating the compound e.g., for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory drug, and analgesic properties, though there's no such clinical proof to recommend CBD can be useful in expressly treating symptoms of COVID-19.

The marketplace for Industrial Hemp is expected to grow throughout the forecast period. Major factors driving the market studies are the growing demand for hemp oil and fibers in numerous end-user industries and increasing awareness of health-related considerations.

· The legalization of the cultivation of business hemp in numerous countries is expected to supply profitable opportunities for the expansion of the market.

· By application, the food and health section is to dominate the market thanks to the increasing demand for hemp-based medicinal products alternatives and cooking oil.

· The North American region is expected to grow at the quickest rate across the world with the biggest consumption from countries like the US, and Canada.

In a pandemic period, the industrial hemp market witnesses a neutral impact. As per the pandemic-focused marketing research, market growth is probably likely to extend as compared to 2019.

Surprising changes and growth in the Hemp industry due to COVID-19

The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic may even prove beneficial to some pot stocks — as long as they use this time to scale back non-essential expenses and re-position their commercial strategy — once the market finally begins to bounce back.

The pandemic helped to develop more interest in the medical sector of hemp, much as it hit agriculture and therefore the economy overall. Whereas the farmers, forever on look forward to a profit-making new crop, were attracted in 2019 and early this year by reports of high revenue from hemp sold for process into CBD oil, that is consumed for in foods and dietary supplements and Hemp may also be utilized in textiles, biocomposites, fuel, and farm and livestock rations, though those uses, that generate lower revenue for hemp biomass, have drawn less attention. Millions of sales flooded in once the 2018 bill in the United States that legalized hemp passed and since then the CBD trade has grown at a lightning-fast speed.

In India, the government has yet to resolve questions on CBD, currently oversubscribed in a very regulative grey market, which has conjointly discouraged hemp investment.

Several reasons are behind that projected decrease, and although the long-term effects are yet to be known, several specialists believe that the CBD and hemp industry may start off the pandemic unscathed or stronger than ever before.

The negative impact of COVID-19 on the Hemp industry

Like other industries, the hemp industry also had to regulate their selling efforts, and lots of brick-and-mortar businesses were forced to shift entirely online. Here are simply a couple of the explanations for the decrease within the hemp market, even if it's simply for a short period.

The Stay-at-Home order – One in every of the most critical problems, particularly for brick-and-mortar stores, was the stay-at-home order that forced individuals to remain home unless it was absolutely necessary. Whereas some locations started giving pavement pickup or delivery, several were forced to shut, at least temporarily. This conjointly meant a lot of online searching, which figured out well for brands that were already established on-line. Several surveys processed in June showed that some forty-five percent of CBD customers had begun searching online for their merchandise with fifty-four percent of them shifting from brick-and-mortar stores.

No job equals no money – whereas CBD merchandise may be favored among some individuals, they still come at a cost. It’s not the abundance of a surprise that CBD purchases have had to be placed on the back burner for a few customers. The same report said that hemp farmers were forced to drop the price for their hemp crops because of the rise in supply. Eventually, this may end in a decrease in value for customers as producers modify their models consequently.

Increased enforcement actions – Late year there have been some uncorroborated claims expressed that hemp can be used as an opioid replacement also, earlier this year, further claims were created that CBD may probably be utilized in the treatment of COVID-19. This added fuel to the fire as the media sought to cover any potential way to treat the virus. Due to these unwarranted claims, the food associations have cracked down on the cannabis industry, and they actively observe any dishonorable claims.

The positive impact of COVID-19 on the Hemp industry

The Positive Impact of COVID-19 on the hemp Industry

Although the hemp industry has taken a bit of a hit because of coronavirus, there are ways in which the pandemic has appeared to show a minimum of some profit for the industry as well.

Legalization Efforts to extend – As a lot of states are hit with tax shortfalls ensuing from the pandemic, any potential tax income that might be seen from the legalization of recreational cannabis could become progressively engaging. Similar to alcohol, which saw a sales increase of 240 % once the internment occurred; legal sellers of cannabis have conjointly seen record sales throughout the crisis. The potential tax income gain will seemingly not be unnoticed by legislators.

Stress and a lot of Stress – It can’t be denied that the pandemic has been a disagreeable time for many people, and therefore one ailment that people use hemp merchandise to treat their anxiety. Several significant users have increased their consumption. Consumption to be used for a sleep disorder and depression is conjointly hyperbolic. Several CBD customers have tried to extend their usage, used higher doses, or turned toward edibles. Due to the pandemic and therefore the consequential improvement focused on wellness, CBD and cannabis merchandise are looking for a lot on Google as possible health and eudemonia choice beating treatment and meditation.

Increased online Sales – Despite brick-and-mortar stores taking a success, online sales of CBD merchandise have spiked. Similar to other products, customer’s searching behaviour of CBD and hemp has shifted to buying from online retailers. In keeping with selling studies, each dollar spent on email marketing within the CBD industry leads to revenue. Researchers found that roughly one-third of the hemp customers they panelled say they will purchase from online retailers instead of in-store throughout the pandemic, and nearly fifty-percent say planning to top off on supplies if they believe there's going to be a shortage.

Future consideration for the hemp industry

The marketplace is excited about the possibilities of what can be done with hemp across the product spectrum once the wall of prohibition comes down.

Hemp features a bright future, however, there are several obstacles to beat within the next few years to urge the trade located so it will flourish beyond simply the CBD/cannabinoid side of things whereas a worldwide pandemic changes consumer’s everyday lives, the utilization of products, however regulations and approval has been creating progress. Since the legal issue warnings on product contents, labeling, and selling have also begun to produce and to maintain the CBD facts. It is possible that the industry will be able to stay afloat and even thrive after the pandemic. It may be fine that the challenges and changes brought on by COVID-19 and government laws might not be one thing hemp firms ought to worry about.

Our reportage to the current indicates that growing hemp for CBD and alternative cannabinoid extraction can stay the goal of the overwhelming majority of producers in 2021. However, there's increasing interest in other end markets, notably that for hemp medical merchandise, and cultivation for industrial applications can seemingly represent a bigger portion of total production compared to 2019. The advantages could outweigh the implications thanks to exponential e-commerce growth and hyperbolic client demand for their products to assist with anxiety and stress.

Legalisation represents an easy-win for any government looking to build an industry with high revenue potential. Cannabis is by no means a new product and there is no question about the demand globally.


Hemp is crucially essential to a robust and innovative economy therefore it's vital to confirm that the industry and each of its components is empowered and have a security web in such testing circumstances.

We at Himalayan Hemp believe the changes outlined today are an important step in our continuing efforts to focus the company's priorities and will result in a healthier, stronger organisation that will continue to be an innovator and leader in this industry.

Feel free to share your opinion with us or leave your thoughts on the same in the comments section below.

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