Promoting Sustainable Development with smart organic farming, innovation integration, and a fair economic model by utilizing and preserving the indigenous Himalayan Hemp strain.


What is the Himalayan Hemp Strain?


Ecology. Community. Economy.


Research. Develop. Nurture.

Himalayan Hemp Seed Bank

For identifying local Himalayan Hemp psychoactive as well as non-psychoactive strains for seed generation, seed development, and seed
storage for the existing and new Himalayan hemp strains

Himalayan Hemp Research Institute

For providing a reformative education to the hemp enthusiasts and developing hemp products like Himalayan hemp Sanitary Pads, Himalayan hemp crete, Himalayan hemp paper, Himalayan hemp foods, himalayan hemp bio-diesel, Himalayan hemp bio-plastic, Himalayan hemp,cosmetics, Himalayan hemp medicines, Himalayan hemp graphene, Himalayan hemp fibreboard, etc.

Himalayan Hemp Healing Village

For bringing back ancient Ayurvedic treatments by using hemp and treating diseases and conditions like multiple sclerosis, spinal cord
injury, spinal cord disease, cancer, AIDS side effects, arthritis, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, end of life care, insomnia, etc. and conducting holistic research to treat more diseases

Himalayan Hemp Cultural Youth Centre

For bringing people of all ages and
backgrounds to work constructively and collectively to learn practical skills, works,
and relax together with initiatives for the Himalayan community.