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World's first hemp co-operative

Himalayan Hemp Cooperative Model is focused on building a home-equity based hemp family culture with innovation integration, conscious environmental awareness and ancient medicinal and eco-industrial practices.


When we initially started ideating Himalayan Hemp, we wanted to do a collection of activities and initiatives to recreate a sustainable future for our future generations. It was not possible to do it with one organization or following a system. This change demanded a total riddance from the existing system or a collective approach of many of the existing systems. A national award winning film called Manthan based upon the success of Amul Dairy in Gujarat had inspired us for creating a cooperative society where people from various walks of life can come in and bring their skills and many other aspects to nurture it.

Himalayan Hemp Cooperative Model focusses on utilizing indigenous Himalayan cannabis and hemp plant with focus on four integral aspects of any growth model which are:

  1. Cultivation (Raw material) and Artisanry (End Product) – Farmer and Artisan Cooperative Societies

  2. Research and preservation – Seed Bank (For preserving and segregating local seeds) and Research Foundation (For researching new medicinal as well as non-medicinal products)

  3. Implementation – Village industries (For making and providing researched non-medicinal products to those who need them) and Healing villages (For providing researched health care to patients)

  4. Awareness and Regulations – Society (For creating awareness about the plant and other initiatives of the organization while regulating the future model of sustaining the model)

For every system to function, it has to be in line with today’s requirements while defining a pathway for a sustainable future and all the above-mentioned components of the growth model are important for creating a conscious social, economic and environmental impact.

The model consists of various stakeholders namely farmers, village population, government bodies and private investors.

For profit co-operative society

Farmer's Co-Operative

This co-operative will be made of farmers as its members. It will be responsible for cultivation and sale of hemp plants and/or its parts.

For profit co-operative society

Artisan's Co-Operative

This co-operative will be made of individual artisans or MSMEs and all members will equally share the profits. It will be responsible for making hemp related products at different levels (e.g., fiber extraction, hemp bag or shoes)

Not for profit private limited company

Himalayan Hemp Seed Bank

The firm will be responsible for collection, identification, storage and supply of seeds to licensed farmers. It will be funded by HHHC with the help of the government.

Not for profit research company

Himalayan Hemp Research Foundation

It will consist of scientists and doctors and will be responsible for developing knowledge products in all sectors of the Hemp industry. It will be responsible for designing, manufacturing and testing hemp based medicinal products.

For profit private limited company

Himalayan Hemp Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Consists of private investors and high end infrastructure and business models for hemp based products. Will be responsible for overall advertisement, marketing, manufacturing and sale of hemp-based products.

Not for profit semi-governmental company

Himalayan Hemp Healing Centre

Located at chosen place with large space and consists of clinics, medical shops and healing activity hubs. Responsible for buying the medicinal products from HHRF and selling them for profit. Shares all profit with other units of the model.

Not for profit society

Himalayan Hemp Society

Consists of elected members from the co-operative societies and directors of other units of the model. It will be responsible for the governance and policy making of the model.


To know more about the model and how you can participate, please get in touch at

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