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Businessline Global

Evolving CEOs of 2021: Haneesh Katnawer CEO of Himalayan Hemp

Haneesh Katnawer the ED & CEO of Himalayan Hemp Industries Pvt. Ltd. started his journey with his team to create a sustainable and conscious ecosystem.

Live Mint

Cannabis firms aim high despite the legal haze

Cannabis has been an ingredient in ayurvedic formulations for aeons. So, the ministry of AYUSH, whose mandate is to promote indigenous alternative medicinal systems, does allow ayurvedic products to include cannabis, and ayurvedic doctors to prescribe such medicines.

IIT Mandi Catalyst

Active Startups at IIT Mandi

Over the past 3 years, we have received over 1000 applications from different corners of the country. We have handpicked the best ideas and supported over 75 during this time.

Atmos Earth

Rebuilding a Hemp Ecosystem in the High Himalayas

An ancient relationship between rural communities and cannabis has long existed high in the Himalayas. Today, the rising popularity of hemp could revive this fast-disappearing cultural heritage—but only if legislation is designed with the local plants in mind.

Businessline Global

Top 10 Kik Startups

While dwelling in the Himalayan lifestyle and inhabitants, Sonam and Haneesh observed a real threat to the local variety of cannabis and Himalayan farmers due to the new policies made by the government.

It's Hemp

All Hemp, CBD, and Ayurvedic Cannabis Companies in India | 2021

A list of the companies in India that are currently working with hemp, CBD, and/or ayurvedic or medical cannabis.

Business Standard

An evening dedicated to the aspiring women achievers of India

The 'Game Changers' is a pan-India competition for women-led startups, that offers women entrepreneurs a chance to get their dream project funded through an exclusive group of reputed VCs by pitching and making a conclusive case to them.

Businessline Global

Great initiative by Himalayan Hemp Industries Pvt. Ltd. to save lives of many

Himalayas have always enchanted people from different parts of life. This enchanted beauty does not just come from the pristine snow-clad mountain tops but also, from the Himalayan way of life and indigenous practices carried out by the local inhabitants.

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