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Reusable Cannabis Hemp Sanitary Pads

A social revolution in menstrual hygiene for women.






Rash resistant




UV resistant


100% organic


Itch resistant


Heavy flow control


Lab tested and validated as per

IS 5405:1980 for heavy flow control &
IS 1390:1983 for rash resistance by ATIRA.

Why are we doing this?

Poor menstrual hygiene standards

Despite the ongoing advancements in the menstrual health, existing disposable sanitary pads used by the majority of the women continue to be the major reasons for ovarian cancer, cesarian cancer, skin dermatitis, hormonal dysfunction and thyroid based conditions. Therefore, we decided to make cannabis hemp based sanitary pads for menstruating women to provide them a dermatologically safe alternative during their periods while enjoying the benefits of the medicinal plant.

This leads to  ovarian cancer ,  hormonal dysfunction  and  thyroid cancer  among other health concerns.

Lack of sustainable alternate cash crops for farmers

As another struggling section of the society, farmers despite being food growers and soil savers continue to be one of the economically weakest sections. Since the raw material of the sanitary pads will be coming from the Mother Earth, it gives farmers a sustainable alternate cash crop and since, hemp gives high biomass per acre; it can provide a sustainable source of income because menstruation is a usual monthly part of a woman’s life and farmers will never run out of the demand.

Tonnes of bio-medical plastic waste

There are 47 crore menstruating women in India right now which are aged between 12 to 48 years and majority of them use disposable sanitary pads. An average sanitary pad pack has 36 grams of plastic in it and when we count it, it leads to 7200 tons of unspoken tabooed bio-medical plastic in waterways and landfills. Therefore, there is a high need to shift to reusable and biodegradable sanitary pads.

Screenshot 2020-10-10 at 14.21.25.png

Our Mission

To create an economically viable menstrual revolution and spread eco-caring Himalayan Hemp sanitary pads in the entire world through schools, colleges, NGOs, travel enthusiasts, and new mothers (maternity pads).

Our Vision

To improve the basic feminine sanitation and promote menstrual hygiene by using healthy and organic Himalayan Hemp sanitary pads.

Our Supporting Organisations

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Join us on this journey to a cleaner, safer future for women and the planet.

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