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Cannabis and Beauty - The Science behind it

The legalization of cannabis resulted in a breakthrough in its medical research and recreational uses. Aside from these evident benefits, cannabis has certain qualities that can make par with the best skincare products in the world. Your body has receptors that protect you against the harmful natural substance. These receptors, called cannabinoid receptors, are the origin of the beauty benefits of cannabis, which are as follows:

Cannabis and its Benefits

One of the reasons behind the urges of cannabis legalization is its medicinal benefits. Many claims that cannabis can have positive effects on people’s overall health. This reason is why some people choose the best strains to grow cannabis.You can checkout Weekendgardener website at the end of the article for a list of the best online seed banks.

1. Anti-inflammatory Benefits

Most people who receive prescriptions of cannabis are because of inflammation resulting in chronic pain. Inflammation is the result of the backfiring of the body's immune system causing damage to its tissues.

The good news is, cannabis' healing powers do involve not only chronic pain alone but also the beauty-related inflammation, such as face rashes and bumps. This reason is the basis of research showing how cannabis seeds treat acne. The THC and CBD cannabinoids possess excellent anti-inflammatory properties, which also triggers CB2 receptors.

2. Hair Growth Stimulant

One of the causes of hair loss and malnourishment is the environmental factors, like weather conditions. High and low temperatures can dry your hair due to moisture loss from fluctuating weather. Hair loss is a nightmare, especially if you want to achieve a trendy hairstyle today.

Oil of hemp seed is a natural product of cannabis that stimulates hair growth, as it has vitamins and fatty acids to do so. It also has significant amounts of protein, making your hair and nails stronger and prevent scalp drying as well.

One proof that cannabis can stimulate hair growth is its capability to improve blood circulation in the scalp. Lastly, it also enhances your hair's natural elasticity without breaking.

3. Quick Skin Absorption

One of the most easily noticeable parts of your body is the skin, as it is the largest organ, so it needs to get adequately nourished. All of the skincare products that you apply on it can profoundly affect the chemical and hormonal processes inside your body that impacts your overall appearance.

Cannabis has a distinct fragrance that comes from a compound called terpenes. Upon applying topicals of marijuana, this compound makes your skin more porous and eventually allows your skin to absorb beauty cosmetics faster. The faster your skin absorbs the product's nutrients, the quicker the product will take effect. Thus, if you want to gain faster results from your beauty products, apply cannabis topicals before your skincare routine.

4. The Omega Effect

Your body will malfunction without omega fatty acids from protein-rich foods or by applying skin products. Unlike other omega products, cannabis topical contains not only omega-3 but also omega-6, and omega-9. Here are the differences between the three:

  • Omega-3 - regulates blood clotting on the skin, giving off a smoother appearance

  • Omega-6 - protects your skin from sunburn while keeping it moisturized. It also makes your skin glow, resulting in a more youthful look, as long as you avoid harmful rays that can result in wrinkles and cancer.

  • Omega-9 - works to maintain your skin and hair's radiance and suppleness. It can also get rid of dandruff from your scalp while encouraging hair growth.

5. Antioxidant Properties

The antioxidant is known to benefit your skin as it protects it from free radicals, like stress, UV rays, and pollution elements. Cannabis has cannabinoids that exhibit this property excellently. By reducing oxygen levels in your body, cannabinoids can help your skin evade rapid aging, melanoma, cataracts, dermatitis, and retinal degeneration.

With the ample medicinal characteristics of cannabis, there is no doubt that marijuana can affect your physical appearance in a positive way. However, there is a need for everyone to avoid unhealthy marijuana usage to change the perception of the mass and encourage people who need its benefits.

Know Your Cannabis: What Are The Different Cannabis Types?

Now that you've learned the beauty benefits of cannabis, you're probably thinking of purchasing one. Before anything else, you must know what type of cannabis you are buying. When browsing for marijuana strains at a shop or online, you may notice strains are commonly categorized into three distinct groups: indica, sativa, and hybrid. 

  • Indica strains have sedating effects. It's best used as a nightcap before bed, perfect for relaxing. 

  • Sativas are believed to have uplifting effects on the brain and are best paired with physical activities, creative projects, and social gatherings. 

  • Hybrids fall somewhere in between the two common cannabis types. They are said to offer a balance of indica and sativa effects. 

Bud-tendenders typically give you a strain recommendation by first asking you which of these cannabis types you prefer. Generally, most consumers use familiar types, indica and sativa. If you look at the chemical components of the two cannabis types, which are terpenes and cannabinoids, there isn't a definite pattern to explain the inherently sedating effects of indica and the uplifting effects of sativa.

What's The Difference Between Indica and Sativa?

While weed strains on the market can feature a mixture of sativa and indica genetics ("hybrids"), there are many distinct differences between the two strains that are crucial as you choose the best one for you. 

Cannabis sativa is taller than cannabis indica, reaching heights of up to 20 ft. Sativa plants have branches that tend to spread out and grow upwards and long, narrow leaves that are usually palmately-arranged. Unlike indica where the flowers are found clustering around the nodes, in sativa, the flowers grow at its nodes and expand throughout the length of the stem.

In terms of vegetation periods, sativa plants take much longer time than indica plants. Sativa strains take from 10 to 16 weeks to fully mature during its flowering period. Although it requires more patience from cannabis growers because of the longer vegetation period, growing the best sativa strain is worth the wait as it results in a much higher yield. For every plant, 3-ounces to as many as 1-pound of usable cannabis flowers can be produced. 

When compared to indica strains, cannabis sativa generally has higher amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) – the psychoactive compound responsible for euphoric and intoxication effects of weed. Sativa plants also have lesser amounts of the non-psychoactive compound cannabidiol (CBD) than indica plants. Furthermore, cannabis sativa naturally has more concentrations of tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), a compound with a similar molecular makeup as THC. However, researches have yet to determine if THCV has psychoactive properties.

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