Himalayan Hemp Co-Operative

Sharing the benefits of Indigenous Himalayan Hemp in first ever Hemp Co-operative Society.

Who is it for?

For Individuals/Organizations who are interested in investing in hemp, Himalayan Hemp is a preserver and utiliser of indigenous himalayan hemp strain that is potentially higher in quality than GMO industrial hemp unlike industrial hemp in nurturing and nourishing the mother earth

Our Co-Operative Model

What are the benefits of Joining Us?


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Our Mission

  • To establish Indigenous Hemp as a Viable and Profitable Crop.

  • To preserve and save the Himalayan Hemp biodiversity as the strain and local cultural community

Our Vision

To represent India on a global range with its local indigenous hemp and build the eco-socio-capitalistic model for all the beneficiaries

Join Us, if you are looking for -

  • sustainability with farmer empowerment

  • smart organic farming

  • innovation integration

  • fair economic model